Board of Directors

The LYC’s Board (and the Committees that it creates) manages the LYC’s strategy and coordinates big-picture action, including supporting State and Local Affiliates, creating materials for Affiliates to use, recruiting new leaders, working with the Libertarian Party, and fundraising.

Theodore Gercken


Pietro Geraci


Zach LeMaire


Aaron Sobczak


Cameron Clark


Board of Advisors

The LYC’s Board of Advisors is made up of experienced non-youth leaders in the Libertarian Party and advises the LYC’s Board on how it can best give its members the opportunity to make change and spread liberty in their communities.

Angela McArdle

Chair of the Libertarian Party

Michael Heise

Chair of the Libertarian Party Mises Caucus

Jonathan Casey

Chair of the Libertarian Party Classical Liberal Caucus

Anna Mosashvili

Chair of the Libertarian Party Radical Caucus

Spike Cohen

Vice-Presidential Candidate

Larry Sharpe

New York Gubernatorial Candidate

National Volunteers

National Volunteers are people who are not on the LYC's Board but serve on Committees created for a variety of purposes (usually recurring activities like social media or fundraising that requires more intensive supervision).

All committees, volunteers, and email addresses can be found in the LYC’s operations manual (

Aidan Cessor

Social Media Manager

Ari Bahat

Graphic Designer

Ollie Rhys

Advisory Parliamentarian

Elijah Mack

Fundraising Committee Member

Lincoln Gaffney

Fundraising Committee Member

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