What We Believe: Free Minds, Free Markets, Free Worlds

Libertarians believe that everyone is born owning their own bodies absolutely, which means they also own their labor and thus capital and thus property absolutely. Libertarians reject the use of force to achieve societal or political goals, which means limiting the power of the government by ending the police state, stopping foreign wars and involvement in conflicts that do not threaten Americans, legalizing drug use, ending corporate welfare, and slashing taxes. These policies, when put into effect, not only have the power to transform our government into a more moral institution capable of achieving good, but can also bolster our economy, society, and world, and achieve the best for all.

Because the government propagates its enlargement and powers by fear and division, Libertarians also champion government transparency and measures like Ranked Choice Voting that can take away the power of the political elite. We believe that it is time for a government run by and for the people.

The Need For Partisan Libertarian Activism

While Libertarianism is a buzzword thrown around every election cycle to convince Americans to vote for the Republicans or Democrats, the truth is that neither major party lives up to their election-time promises. The Republican Party supports the drug war, foreign intervention, and the expansion of the government (if they are in charge), while the Democratic Party supports economic redistribution, gun-grabbing, and the expansion of the government (if they are in charge). Because Americans are sick and tired of their empty promises, and because after one hundred and fifty years of the two-party system the government keeps expanding, it’s clear that we are past time for a new party, the Libertarian Party.

The LYC is the youth wing of the Libertarian Party and the only Libertarian organization involved in partisan advocacy. We don’t ask our students to put their morals on a shelf, hold their noses, and vote for a Republican or Democrat, and we don’t use the label of Libertarianism while supporting one party or another that champions big government. The LYC, our students and members, are here for the revolution, and we are ready to make the Libertarian Party the biggest political coalition in the United States.

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What We Do

Charter Affiliates

The core of the LYC is our affiliates across the country at College and High School campuses. Every LYC member can start an affiliate, gain access to all our support, and get to work spreading liberty in their community!

Provide Support

The LYC creates resources for its Affiliates to recruit members and host events. Additionally, and most importantly, the LYC provides mentors who know how to build organizations to make them as successful as possible.

Integrate With The LP

As the youth wing of the Libertarian Party, the LYC gives its members unique opportunities to work on campaigns, assist state, local, and national organizations, and make a real impact on policy and legislation.

Operations Manual

The Operations Manual details how the day-to-day operations of the LYC runs and contains resources for leaders at every level. Additionally, current leaders and emails are listed in the document.



The LYC’s Bylaws are our legal founding document that lays out the rights and responsibilities of LYC members and how the big-picture structure of the organization must function. It is the foundation that the Operations Manual builds on.