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The Libertarian Youth Caucus (LYC) is the youth wing of the Libertarian Party and the only Libertarian organization involved in partisan advocacy! While other groups exist to spread the message of liberty among young Americans, we uniquely take students out of the classroom and integrate them with the Libertarian Party, facilitating collaborations with official party bodies, campaigns, and initiatives. We believe that it’s not enough to expose young people to Libertarianism; they deserve a real opportunity to change the world!

The LYC is centered around school and county affiliates, comprised of young Libertarians working to make change in their community that are supported by small state and national teams working to provide them resources and opportunities and are backed by the Libertarian Party, the third-largest and fastest growing party in the United States!

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The LYC is 100% student volunteer-run, and donations help us keep the doors open. If you would like to contribute to the LYC’s mission, you can donate here to help us reach and support as many students as possible.

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